Hi all. So, first off, NaNoWriMo goes well, all though I haven’t worked on it at all today and probably should be right now…*sigh* But I’m at about 8,500 words, so still ahead for the time being. However, swim team started today, which means I won’t get home until around 7PM each night, and I currently have no free periods (although I will next trimester) so homework is about to get even crazier…
Anyway, WEIRD things happened today. I’ll share some of them. For one, I rather enthusiastically smashed my head into the corner of a towel rack. Paintful. There’s a big bump now and it huuurts! :(
Another weird thing which occurred shortly thereafter (I underlined the odd part):

Is that not bizarre? I’m really worried, though. What if it stops working before I die??? :O
I’m thinking that this oddity has something to do with when I fell off the next chair at Alethia’s house (laptop in tow) and when I turned it back on it decided the date was 629 days earlier…Except this time it’s multiplied to 5 million whatever.
We played at a wedding this weekend, which was quite fun. And being us, we found the local knitting shop, which we visited between the ceremony and the reception. And I found a copy of Interweave Felt! Now I can make the Lock Nest Hat which I fell in love with. I saw it, but then forgot where I saw it, then figured it out, then couldn’t find the magazine ANYWHERE! So I was really happy when I found it. :)
That is all. Signing off.