This is something I’ve noticed lately.

Most immediate example: It was POURING while I was walking up the hill towards lab today. And it was so windy my umbrella broke in several ways I hadn’t thought possible (RIP friend). BUT rather than a miserable soakfest, I saw this experience (at the time, anyway – sitting in lab soggily for the next 3 hours didn’t feel quite as awesome) as an epic battle of me vs. the elements – all because of the music I was listening to.

Does this happen to other people?

Music can make me happy, revved-up, nostalgic, almost anything. Now that I’m at school away from my music friends (whom most of my music reminds me of), it also makes me miss people. In a happy way, usually. It’s when I’m not listening to anything that I miss people in a sad way…

Just some musings. There may or may not be some knitting pictures in the far or near future…I’m crazy busy this semester. Although I do intend to attempt the Knitting Olympics!


We saw the Sherlock Holmes movie today…the best thing I can say about it is that it had a rockin’ soundtrack.

I just don’t get the infatuation with these characters. For example, House (who, incidentally, is based on Holmes – arrogant, drug-addicted genius with a name that sounds like a place of habitation, etc. etc. etc.) is wildly popular. I can’t stand him! Why do people harbor affection for these characters? I mean, Watson follows Holmes around like a little sheep, just because he wishes he were as smart as Holmes? The man is insufferable!

Also, Robert Downey Jr.’s British accent is pretty bad, and whenever he starts speaking quickly it becomes completely incomprehensible. Furthermore, the whole movie was basically a ripoff of the Da Vinci code anyway with the whole conspiracy theory, map symbology, schpiel. Yeesh, Hollywood.

I seriously don’t get it. Anyone care to explain?

More knitting to come! Most likely this weekend.

P.S. Merry Christmas to those for whom it’s relevant!

I’ve been quite deliberately silent on the knitting front…no more!

I give you…

…the Thorpe Brigade!

I knitted these for my suitemates and two other close friends as holiday gifts. The funny thing was, I knitted them in front of all of them and each commented at least once on how cool they were or how they’d love to have a hat like that (they mostly thought I was doing them for charity or somesuch).


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops)

Yarn: Sundry, including Mmmmalabrigo worsted and some Mission Falls wool

Needles: US 9

(I made the snowman up at the top of this picture, too)

There’s some more frenzied gift knitting going on at the moment which I cannot show yet so I leave you with this picture:

(Yes, there are five hats and one is missing in this picture – it’s owner was excused because she was studying for the three exams she has today and tomorrow)

New header. Opinions, suggestions, comments, please!

New theme! New title!

Be honest now…

a) Do you like it? (I am going to try to come up with a new header – I feel unoriginal going with the default one)

b) Did you get the references in the title before reading this question?

It’s really weird to have my own room.

I’m not homesick. I don’t miss rooms or cabinets or even my bed, really. I’m peoplesick. Not my family so much either since I’m in touch with them a lot. It’s other people. Teachers, friends, some people I never even considered myself terribly close to! And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore it here and there are amazingly incredible people I feel privileged to meet and my classes are mostly fantastic, but…mblarghhh, I miss people! Thanksgiving break in 10 days!

Check out my new page.

I know I really need to take knitting pictures (there are some more on Ravelry if you’re interested), but hopefully this will suffice for the moment.

On that note, Stitches was (as usual) phenomenal. I bought a lot of yarn and related doohickies and took some awesome classes.

Felix (that’s the camera), Indu (my friend), and I went on a rampage around campus today to take pictures because we had time and it was gorgeous outside. Here are my favorite shots:

In other news, STITCHES ON THURSDAY! Once I’m in the hotel and have space, I swear I’ll block knitted stuff so I can post pictures of them too.

Time travel to…